Sawann C. was born in late 2019.  Sawann is an uncommon name but this name defines a bold, whimsical and passionate character.  As for the "C.", the latter represents the different colors offered by the brand.

First, we are a community, second, a brand, which means that every conversation is open with our members and that we want to establish a real connection with our customers.

Our mission is to offer simple outfits to compose or reproduce for men and women who do not want to waste time in front of their wardrobe every day. We suggest colorful and monochromatic looks that make choosing your outfit for the day ahead easier.

Who is a SWCRIDER?

Curious, outgoing and original

A man or a woman who dresses as he/she sees fit by asserting his/her personal style, if he/she wishes to put on an item of clothing, he/she will not deprive himself of it.

A SWCRIDER does not conform to the styles predefined and valued by the company.

Our values:

Solidarity : Sawann C. was founded by three members of the same family. We want to create a community in which our members feel close enough to each other without judging others. We support each other.

Creativity : We would like members not to hesitate to assert their personality thanks to the different pieces that we offer by integrating them into their daily lives.

Confidence : We want members to feel confident in what they wear.

Comfort : We don't want you to feel limited and uncomfortable in what you wear

So that this story is also yours, we are committed to supporting you at all times, by advising you and making ourselves available to any request. Our common desire: to make your wardrobe a unique collection.

Shanon, Founder of Sawann C.